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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: Top Ten Must-Have Pre-Wedding Pictures

The Kiss on Forehead

The kiss on the forehead is the most adorable thing ever. Period.  As it not only means that your partner cares about you and thinks of you in a very cute way but is also symbolic of an emotional connect between two people. It is the prettiest way to express appreciation. How cute is that!

It also reflects commitment and says that the bond between both of you is deep and affectionate. Also, it is more intimate, meaningful and a non-sexual way of being hopelessly attracted to you.

It takes your pre-wedding shoot to a whole new level!

The Turn

A pre-wedding shoot is about dressing-up for each other for beautiful flirtatious casual date! Only one difference, however, is that all the lovely moments you spend together, will be captured and treasured as memories forever! So, dress-up well!

Men are visual. And the love-struck look the on their face, appreciating the effort you put into your appearance, “You look so pretty, all the time! “ is totally worth the capture.

Layered, Skater dresses or Ankle length Anarkali’s can do the magic enhancing the dance turn and showing-off your remarkable dress, while your man admires your happiness and beauty.

The Hug

A cute hug is the best way to express love. It shows you mean the world to them! A close passionate hug says that your partner miss you a lot and cannot wait to get married and start a new life with you.

A hug can be passionate, cute, naughty or just a calm and silent one. It shows you feel secure in his presence and he will protect you from everything.

Being surrounded in the arms of your love makes the picture speak for itself. The closed eyes say that you will always trust him for life and he will always look out for you.

The Lift

A sweet lift adds an element of fun to your photo shoot. This picture looks like a candid shot displaying your sudden reaction or emotions when he picks you up in his arms.

The lift could be a front lift or a one on his back! I am ready to carry you happily

for the rest of my life.

The Dark Picture

It is a great idea to include a silhouette in your pre-wedding shoot pictures. It looks like it is just the two of you lost into each other in the dark.

It is a very different picture from the rest of your shoot photographs. You can also use this picture – as a “suspense picture” when you first break the news of your wedding and before you actually reveal your mystery man/woman to the rest of the world! 😉

The Candid Walk

Longs Walks are the most romantic way to spend maximum time with each other. You can be as innovative as you want with this one, for sure!

A walk on the sea shore is a promise of togetherness in both high and low tides!

Or it could be a walk into the garden or a railway track – which can symbolize that both of you cannot wait to embark the new journey of life together!

The Arial View

Chasing Your Passion Together

This picture will say that both you are going to live your passion together. Understanding each other’s likes and respecting them and doing them together. This could be so much fun! Be it traveling to unexplored destinations together

If your partner loves to cook, a session in the kitchen together might be a great idea! It can also symbolize sharing of load.

Playing an instrument! And you listening to his/her tunes in love!

Or it could be hitting the gym, sexy way to stay fit together! Giving major goals to other couples out there!

The Filmy One

If you are filmy at heart, you will love this one! Or even if you are not so filmy, wedding is a one-time affair (in most cases ;)) that gives us our own little fairytale for life! So go ahead on this one!

You can try the hopeless romantic – I found my Raj! Picture. This one will always be evergreen! Or recreate a picture from any of your favorite love-stories!