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The Quintessential Bride Shoot!

Oh Boy! It’s your day…  and it’s is finally here!

There is a lot of work going on during a wedding and everyone has certainly has a lot on their plates… But ladies remember, this is that 1 big day you have been waiting for, preparing for and dreaming of…. Along with your Mr. Right!

And you wanna make the most of it by capturing every single moment to cherish it forever. Moments pass, Picture Remain! Sharing the pictures of your bride shoot is like narrating a beautiful visual story to your partner of the moments he missed,, later on, who would be more than delighted to see his princess get ready for him!

Let’s look at some quintessential picture a To-Be-Bride should have in her Wedding Gallery!

1.     The One from the Top with False Eye-Lashes On!

This one is my personal favorite and a complete must have picture. Make sure you get this picture after you put-on the false eye lashes and the eye make-up is complete. These eye-lashes add a lot of drama to the picture and enhance your look.

Make-up: EyeCatchers Image Source:

Another iteration to this above could be a picture where you are in the process of getting ready with the eye make-up done and rest in progress. Make sure the focus is on your forehead and eyes.

These pictures tell a story…. Of the lovely bride in making!

2.     The one with the Dress!


Now we all know how much thought and effort goes into finding and finally buying our favorite wedding dress!

A lot, and sure we want to share our selection with the world… This picture will preserve the twinkle of your wedding dress, until, forever!

For the social butterflies, this can be a way of sharing with your friends that “What beautiful journey you are about to tread onto, tonight”


There are several ways in which you can add on to this picture. For instance, putting bride’s maids dresses on either side of your wedding dress on a wall!

Or maybe pairing it with your partner’s sherwani #BrideGroomGettingReady! Or put up your dress with lights in the background and make it look like a dream, symbolizing wishes lit-up!

3.     The one of the Heel!

We love a glittery pair of wedding heels! So stand-up and pose and show-off… Coz there will not be many chances that your lovely footwear gets clicked!

Why hide beautiful things? Pose like a Princess and show those gorgeous heels to the world!

Maharani Weddings

4.     The one with Maang-Tika/Duppatta

The duppatta gives you that typical royal and elegant bride look. Make sure to capture the moment when the duppatta is being draped on you.

You can choose to pose or give a natural into the camera look. This makes for a lovely picture as it does not look artificial and brownie points as it shows off your hairstyle and the embellished duppatta at the same time, before you adorn it on you.


5.     A Bewitching Look in the Mirror!

And finally, now that you are ready, take a look of yourself in the mirror, Beautiful. That bewitching look will give people a hard time to take their eyes off you!!!

It could be daunting to think about poses last minute and may have you miss some beautiful ideas. So, we at wedding blush have compiled these lovely ideas for you in advance. Make sure to include these ideas in your bride shoot pictures list and take them to yet another level of elegance!

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